A Baby Bubble Guppie is on the way!!


Invites create the expectation and set the tone of your event!!

We understand that our clients get busy, don't have time to shop, lack creativity when it comes to decorating BUT we believe you still deserve to host great events! We offer Delightful Events in a Box! We shop for you, personalize your items, and provide ideas of how to setup...All you have to do is set up!

Bubble Guppies Personalized Plates

Bubble Guppies Party Plates

 Personalized Bubble Guppies Party Plates are available to order! 


 Bubble Guppies Under the Sea Sweets Table Setup We made themed treats such Oyster Cookies, Personalized Bubble Guppie Rice Krispies Treats, Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Cheesecakes made by Issa Party Events @issa_party_events on Instagram

Bubble Guppies Rice Krispies Treats

 Personalized Bubble Guppie Rice Krispies Treats


 Personalized Bubble Guppie Rice Krispies Treats & matching Pretzels


Bubble Guppies theme Cake made by Sweets Dreams Bakery in Warren, MI

 Chocolate Covered Popcorn with matching flavored sprinkles!

Cutout Centerpieces and Plastic Fish Bowls


Centerpieces,Table Setting and Decor/ Matching Chair Sashes


 Thank You for visiting our Bubble Guppies Baby Shower Blog!

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